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The internet is built on links

The original BackRub concept of organizing the hierarchy of pages through a citation system was brilliant. But flawed. Since then, it’s been an ongoing process of trying to perfect that system so that some links have value to count and spammy ones don’t.

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What is a link?

A link (also known as a backlink) is a hyperlink that will direct a user from one page to another target page when clicked. Applied to a page by adding code like this: Your text (anchor text) goes here An external link is any hyperlink or backlink, that points to a target page on another domain from the domain it’s published on. It’s external to the host domain.

In SEO terms, the term ‘external link’ usually refers to links that are built on other sites and point back to your domain. These ‘external links’ or backlinks are measured for volume, quality, and relevancy in consideration of how they support the ranking of your page. An outbound link is also an external link as it points outwards from your domain out to another domain.

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